The behaviour of pupils is outstanding - Ofsted October 2017

Peoples are self-confident, apply themselves well and have excellent attitudes to their work. This has a positive impact on the progress they make. - Ofsted October 2017

St Martin’s school is an Independent, Co Educational school for pupils aged 3-11 years founded in 1920.

Our Lower School encompasses Preschool, Reception and Form 1. The Early Years are used to encourage and foster each child’s love of learning and to develop emerging Literacy and Numeracy skills.  We believe that learning should be fun and consistent. Long-lasting attitudes towards schooling are nurtured here.

As children progress through Middle School and on towards Upper School their strengths are recognised and cultivated.  We instil a love of learning and a strong desire to achieve exceptional standards in all areas of learning.  We recognise that preparing for the 11+ exams are an integral part of learning in upper school and exam preparation and interview skills are introduced in Form 5.

St Martin’s School is an exceptional environment in which your child can begin their educational journey.  Boys and girls learn in a small, supportive, secure and stimulating environment and move on to some of the best schools in London at 11+.  We offer a broad Curriculum delivered by our highly dedicated, experienced teachers. Our team treat each of our pupils as an individual; to be the best that they can be.  We encourage them to become independent, questioning and creative thinkers.

Alongside our Curriculum we are delighted to be able to offer a multitude of after school activities encompassing the arts, sports and languages.

Our Motto is quite simple, ‘Ex Parvis Magna Fiunt’; ‘From small things great things grow.’  A strong academic start in life will provide the foundations for a confident, adaptable and successful life.

Finding the right establishment for your child’s future is an extremely difficult proposition for a parent. You want them to be happy and nurtured in school; yet they also need to develop a love of learning which will carry them through life, ultimately, delivering exceptional academic opportunities for them in a competitive world.

As St Martin’s School, we share your desires for a strong but warm education that delivers for your child. Our children are at the centre of everything we do. We celebrate the unique child through individual learning journeys, a creative Curriculum and by empowering them through the school council and charity work we undertake. Every child leaves us with not only a record of outstanding academic achievement, but a sense of security, of purpose and of community.

Every child at St Martin’s is known by every other child and every teacher. Every staff member knows every child, how they think, what they need emotionally and where they are on their academic journey. There is a strong family atmosphere at St Martin’s with the older children helping and nurturing the younger.

Your child is special and we tailor the curriculum to them with a personalised learning journey in all subjects which ensures their particular gifts and talents are appreciated and developed. At St Martin’s we seek to enable and encourage your child as they strive for excellence by consistently challenging and championing their critical thinking. We systematically assess the children in a number of ways to ensure that they are achieving academically whilst we balance this with a strong focus on enriched play, drama and music to feed the spirit. Our children leave us at 11 with exceptional results, many with scholarship offers from the school of their choice. We are also very proud that they are able join these schools with a clear vision about their digital futures, enabled in spirit and skill for every part of what lies ahead for them.

New children and families are warmly welcomed to the St Martin’s family. We know that your child’s learning journey is central to your aspirations for them. We therefore have an open door policy and you are very welcome to meet with us at any time.

Our children and staff are very proud of St Martin’s School. We would love to invite you to see for yourself why St Martin’s School could be the best choice for you and your child. Please come and enjoy the warm atmosphere and see the high academic standards that are key features of the St Martin’s community.

Dr Jason Walak, LLB, BA (Hons), MA (Hist), PGCE, DPhil

Head Teacher

St Martin’s School, Mill Hill