At St Martin’s School we take a rigorous approach to all matters of health and safety. Not only are our Policies considered “Gold Standard” but they have been adopted and actioned by the entire school. Our staff receive the very best training in the management of risk both in school and on educational visits and this is update annually. We voluntarily partake in an external annual audit of our health and safety policies by a professional third party auditor. This includes an assessment and audit of the fire systems in the school, the educational visits risk assessments and the physical environment.

Equally, we take a rigorous approach to safeguarding within the school. From safer recruitment to site safety, at St Martin’s School our staff have received “Gold Standard” training which goes beyond that required by law.  We have an on-site cardiac defibrillator and we have foil blankets in case evacuation of the school in the low temperature was to occur.  We use hi-vis jackets in different colours when the children are walking off site, to name just a few. Our staff have received training in FGM and Radicalization. We thoroughly vet all of our staff and take all the prescribed checks.

The behaviour of St Martin’s School children in all circumstances is exceptional. We continue to drive the school forwards to be the very best it can be in terms of caring and nurturing. We have a strong ‘buddy-system’.  Children line up in the playground with their buddy and the older children also help out in Pre School. This makes the environment at school incredibly warm, caring and stable.

E-safety and data protection are taken very seriously. All staff and children adhere to the Policies fully.  In addition, we use encrypted USB keys for added protection.

We invite you to look through our Policies for further information.