We are delighted that the hard work of our teachers and management team has been recognised by the visit of Ofsted on 2nd March 2017.  We welcome the report wholeheartedly and are proud that the exceptional quality of leadership and the ‘excellent’ progress we have made has been recognised.  We also appreciate the inspector’s comments describing the ‘rigorous’ safeguarding at St Martin’s School which is facilitated by the ‘high priority’ it receives.  Health and Safety systems have been recognised as also being of a high quality and the inclusion of a ‘Plan B’ and a ‘sanctuary’ provision place the School at the vanguard of educational policy.

The report highlights the procedures the school has undertaken to ensure we are also an entirely safe environment with regards to fire risk. We know that we now not only meet, but exceed all standards in all areas.

Teaching and Learning was not assessed in this report but, we will continue to build on the already ‘good’ teaching and learning which was described in the previous Ofsted reports.  The children will continue to be provided with exceptional educational opportunities.

It became clear during the inspection that we should invite a full re-visit to ensure the current Ofsted report truly reflects the outstanding educational environment, our quality of leadership, policy systems, ethos and values.

Having been at the helm of St Martin’s Schools since the retirement of the previous Head Teacher in December 2016, I look forward to taking the school into a new era; and to do so with confidence and certainty that the clear educational vision that has been articulated by Oftsed will continue to flourish with confidence.

Dr Jason Walak, LLB, BA (Hons), MA (Hist), PGCE, DPhil