Pupils have positive attitudes to their learning and their behaviour is outstanding. Pupils feel very safe at school. Their personal development and welfare are exceptional. - Ofsted October 2017

The curriculum is broad and balanced and is enriched by a range of extra-curricular activities and visits. The curriculum ensures that pupils are engaged in their learning and achieve well. - Ofsted October 2017

At St Martin’s School we are a fellowship of scholars who achieve excellence.  We seek a rich, broad and challenging curriculum.  This culture puts us in control of our journey.  This learning nurtures and stimulates us whilst emphasising the importance of individuality, intellectual wonder and self-actualisation.  We obtain mastery in all aspects of the curriculum.  The heart of our journey is Literacy which we recognise as the fundamental tool of human communication.  We explore the human condition through Music, Media and Drama.  We value the planet, nature and fellow human beings in all their expressions.

 St Martin’s School is a warm, caring, enabling and nurturing environment where every child is valued for their skills and abilities and where every pupil exceeds their own expectations.  Our children not only excel academically but are given the tools to enable them to pass their exams and converse at interview with confidence.

Every child is individual and special therefore our underlying ethos is to create a warm, caring environment where every child succeeds academically; where every child feels valued and cared for. We help them to be the very best that they can be. We have created an environment of academic excellence built upon professional rigour which will prepare the children for their futures in an increasingly digital age. We believe that education should be formal and focused but also creative and vibrant.

We are truly an International school.  We have children from all over the world, from many cultures, religions and backgrounds.  We celebrate our differences and teach full and unequivocal respect for all.  St Martin’s children have an understanding and respect for British values. We believe that they are embodied in self-sacrifice, charity, diversity and in the defence and purity of democracy and we actively embed this in the curriculum.

Guided by highly skilled and dedicated teachers our children are in control of their own learning.  Every child knows what they are doing, why they are doing it and how it forms part of their individual journey. To facilitate this we use a system of child initiated learning and a reflective marking scheme. We also assess and prompt the children at every step.  Any gap in knowledge is identified and swiftly rectified by providing individualised teaching.

We believe in and support the continuing professional development and aspirations of all our staff.  The Head Teacher is a founding member of the Chartered College of Training.  We have reached out to a number of universities and work with them on interesting educational projects.  We truly are a community of learners.