Outcomes for children at St Martins are exceptional. Data from across the school shows the children make excellent progress in all subjects. We assess children in a number of ways including standardised testing. This shows that as a whole school (including our EAL and SEN pupils) are on average: 

Reading is 6 months ahead 

Writing is 6 months ahead 

Vocabulary is 4 months ahead 

Maths is 8 months ahead 

Art is 4 months ahead 

Computing is 2 months ahead 

Design is 4 months ahead 

Geography is  3 months ahead 

History is 4 months ahead 

PE is 3 months ahead 

PHSE is 4 months ahead 

Science is 5 months ahead 


62.5% of our SEND children’s progression is good or better. 

100% of our EAL children’s progression is good or better. 

94.11% of our boys make good or better progress. 

91.90% of our girls make good or better progress. 


Our more able children are also doing very well. On average they are ahead by the following amounts. 



Maths 22.6 months aheadMaths 14 months ahead 

Writing 20.8 months aheadWriting 13.6 months ahead 

Reading 20.6 months aheadReading 16.57 months ahead 


Outcomes for our transition to selective senior schools where children are test independently through the rigours and highly competitive 11+ is extremely strong. We do not have access to this data but all of our children got into their first or second choice school last year and in all preceding years. This speaks to the highly successful outcomes for children leaving St Martins.