St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

Continuous Provision in EYFS

This is a classroom structure whereby we have designated zones: art zone, Maths zone, writing zone etc. Allowing children to access them at any time to stimulate and solidify learning. This style of teaching allows exploratory learning through play and instils autonomy and independence in each child. It is an inclusive teaching style that allows children to work at their own pace and enrich their understanding of key concepts taught during the teaching input sessions. This method promotes play and gives the children the opportunity to explore concepts before they are taught.

Every week we have learning focus goals that are in line with the Early Foundation Stage Framework and our learning is based around these in order for your child to strive towards accomplishing these Early Learning Goals.


It is a teaching tool used to promote peer learning through collaboration and strengthen communication skills and opinion formation. It further allows your child to explore their interests and discover their passions. It is helpful in preventing distraction and deepens understanding of taught concepts with tactile associations.


This style produces mature and independent young children who are confident in their decision-making and have had the opportunity to solve problems in collaboration with peers. Teachers can observe behaviour and easily identify strengths and weaknesses which allows necessary support and targeted activities to be implemented. Though open ended questioning by a strong qualified staff, the children are able to guide the lessons to gain their own deep understanding of a concept in a way they identify with. This yields young minds that have autonomous thought and individual opinions. Research shows this is the most effective way for children to learn and retain information. This style of learning makes our EYFS children happy, confident learners.