At St Martin’s School we offer our children a broad and creative Curriculum which focuses on ensuring the children are well prepared for the next stage of their education. We initiate a superior curve in their education from the day they join us. We teach all the children a year ahead when compared with the National Curriculum and some children are in classes beyond their natural year which means they are effectively taught two years ahead.

Literacy is taught to ensure that the children have a grasp of not only the best modern children’s books but are also able to embrace classic literature. All the children leave having read and worked with some of the best English novels; often books they may not normally encounter until secondary school. We encourage a love of learning through visiting plays and entering writing competitions.  Above anything we focus on bringing a joy of learning to their work. In the final year children are able to write their own novels or short films.

Numeracy is taught to secondary level by the end of Form 5 in order to prepare them for their 11+ examinations. We follow two schemes which are tightly knitted to ensure rapid progression through the subject. In the final year children are able to apply their numeracy skills by running a small business. We are currently investigating a Shanghai Numeracy scheme which we believe will offer the children further advantages in their maths education.

Children are taught French from Nursey. Latin is taught from Form 5 and Greek is available as an after school club from Form 3. This prepares them well for their future studies. Our Form 6 children enjoy a day trip to Lille, France where they are able to apply their language skills.

Science is creatively taught to ensure that children are given access to some of the most fundamental ideas. We encourage the children’s imagination not only through trips but also through Inter-school science competitions.

Music and a love of the arts are a major theme within the school. All children have the opportunity to learn an instrument and to perform in public. As part of our association with the UAL we also offer the children the opportunity to write and perform in their own films and to act in professional productions through the university.

Embedded in the Curriculum is also a core theme of diversity and equality which begins with picture books in the lower school and expands to encompass discussion and dialogue further up the school. We also promote British Values throughout the school. For us, these values include: charity, self-sacrifice and resilience.

St Martin’s School is a Growth Mindset school which we seek to embed in the curriculum. We have also become a UN Rights respecting school which we believe offers the children the chance to develop as world citizens and further enhances their education around citizenship.

Extra Curricular

Our extra curricular activities are developed to support the children’s passions. We have a number of after school clubs which currently include classical Greek, stop animation and dance. Clubs start at 3.30pm and run until 4.30pm.

Whilst most after school clubs do not incur an extra charge, there is a small charge for some.

Home Learning

At St Martin’s School we believe that homework is a vital link in the working partnership between children, parents and staff. Worthwhile tasks that are completed at home enable children to appreciate the help and support of their families and enables parents to help and be involved in their children’s education. It also has an important role to play in reinforcing and extending the learning and teaching that has taken place in the classroom.

Purposes of Home Learning

• To foster a close link between parents/school and the wider community in order to inform and encourage participation

• To widen pupils’ learning experiences and to raise the awareness of parents to the availability and variety of additional learning resources e.g. library, ICT, seeking the experiences of others

• To reinforce, consolidate and extend the learning experience within the classroom and to help teachers monitor the effectiveness of this

• To promote self confidence and responsibility in planning, organising and delivering through independent learning

• To complete unfinished work when appropriate.Curriculum (4)-min

At St Martin’s School we appreciate the parental and pupils attitudes and expectations of homework vary. We endeavour to set homework which allows for an element of choice as to the amount and depth that each child has to undertake.

As a school, we have a ‘My Maths’ homework system which allows the children to undertake some of their Maths homework on line. We believe that ‘My Maths’ allows the children to work effectively, in a fun and creative way and establishes a dialogue which the digital futures policy of the school.

Superior Curve

Our children excel in their learning. We build a superior curve in their learning from the start which sees them exceed their peers in all indicators. By Form 1 our children are a year ahead. Some children can be as much as 3 years ahead on standardised reading tests and arithmetic tests by the time they are in year 5 or 6. This is achieved by small class sizes, target work and support throughout their education.Curriculum (3)-min

This curve begins in Pre-School with 1:1 support and a wide ranging academic Curriculum. We use child initiated but also adult led teaching to promote their learning. We enrich their play so it is focused on development and encourage the children to become active citizens of the school. Even at this young age, they are part of the school House system and meet in Houses with their older buddies. They also sing and act in the termly school plays and productions.


At St Martin’s School we understand that sport is fundamental to the children’s development. We work hard with the children to ensure that they enjoy the very best competitive sport. The children learn to swim and attend weekly swimming lessons from Form 3. They receive professional training in gymnastics and in other sports. We also have a football team which receives training from qualified coaches and plays regular competitive matches against other schools. We endeavour to arrange tours of football grounds in North London with the children in Form 6.

Music and Drama

Music and the Arts are a key characteristic of life at St Martin’s School. We promote the children’s love of music and drama in whole school productions whilst we also offer them 1 to 1 music lessons and 2 lessons of music a week within the Curriculum as a whole class. The children are taught by professional musicians across the Curriculum and excel in all aspects of performance. Many of the children receive scholarships to secondary schools or appear in professional film and drama productions. We endeavour to ensure that the children leave us with a deep appreciation for the arts and achieve this by promoting visits to the ballet and opera in later years