St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.


At St Martin’s we endeavour to offer children a broad and creative curriculum, the centre of which is reading; because we firmly believe that it is the foundation of all learning. We have carefully chosen our core texts due to the abundance of high level vocabulary, engaging content and relevancy to the thematic learning. Having suggested areas of study for each subject, each half term, we carefully matched the National Curriculum objectives to relevant units of work to ensure full coverage throughout the school. Our EYFS is an integral part of the school and children begin their accelerated learning from Nursery with engaging lessons, personalised phonics teaching and stimulating continuous provision; all of which support the Development Matters Aims. EYFS base their thematic learning around a selection of core texts, and follow children’s interests and next steps to plan for pupil development in a very similar way to the rest of the school.

In core subjects, teachers work to our accelerated learning program which involves covering the year group objectives within a quicker time frame so that the primary curriculum is covered in its entirety by the end of Year 5. This offers pupils that wish to, to have the best possible opportunity to succeed in their 11+ exams. The learning is supported by resources from ‘White Rose’ Maths scheme and teachers are expected to use concrete, pictorial, abstract progression when teaching every concept. In Reading, teachers use VIPERS to support reading and this detailed analysis of a text helps make the link between reading and writing explicit. There is an expectation for a balance of persuasive, informative and entertaining pieces of writing.

In foundation subjects, teachers use the ‘Weaving Knowledge and Skills’ document to ensure they are pitching their content accurately and we have progression throughout the school. We have selected schemes that we feel are challenging and relevant to our pupils to help support each subject where necessary. We use ‘wonder days’ prior to the half term by introducing interesting aspects of the theme they are about to study and encouranging children to ask thoughtful questions. These, along with any gaps identified in pupil knowledge and understanding, then inform the personalised learning that teachers plan for including a ‘Wow’ day to engage and inspire children.

Teacher’s ensure our School Values and the British Values are continually re-inforced in every subject throughout the curriculum.