St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.


We take E-Safety extremely seriously, not least because this is an evolving threat. Every child and has signed our E-Safety Agreement confirming they will abide by our rules when going on line.  We teach the children how to stay safe on line and how to avoid cyber bullying.  We also ensure that our children know how to respond to these challenges. It is our duty to skill them for a rapidly changing environment which brings with it its own changing threats.

As part of this commitment, in conjunction with FoSMS (Friends of St Martin’s School) we organised an ‘E-Safety Day.’  An external speaker was welcomed into school to talk with both the children and their parents about ways in which we can all keep ourselves safe in this advancing digital age.

We ensure that we also exceed the DFE’s advice on e-safety. All data is stored on a British sever and the staff use encrypted data keys.