St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

Earth Day

As part of our ongoing education of British Values, St Martin’s pupils were keen to welcome Dr Offord, our local MP, to speak in our assembly. Our children learnt more about democracy as he spoke about his role in parliament. They also began to understand how his position on the Environmental Audit committee helps inform changes in the law and were able to consider the rule of law. Dr Offord was asked several questions about climate change as part of their work on Earth Day and he spoke about how we have individual liberty so are free to make choices about the way we live our lives. He explains some of the choices he has made to positively affect the environment and suggests that individuals can also make an impact. He discussed some different perspectives around issues such as the congestion charge and how he feels that tolerance and mutual respect for those with different views through discussion is the way to reach the most effective solutions.