St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

Our Facilities

We are small in stature but huge in heart.  Our children learn in small form groups which lend to a strong, nurturing family atmosphere. We have a beautiful, newly refurbished library which is filled with books which appeal to all. The library is the centre of the school with children using it for reading sessions or for those children who prefer to read the latest magazines at play time. In addition, we have a Numeracy library that allows children to borrow a Numeracy book or resource, explore it and return it before borrowing another.

We use the latest resources to support all areas of learning in all subjects.  We do not systematically follow published schemes of work as they cannot, by definition, be designed for our children. We use a range of resources to build a bespoke system around each child.

The school has an interactive whiteboard in every classroom and we use these, along with tablets, raspberry Pis, our ICT room and after school clubs to support a digital vision.

We have very secure grounds which are not over looked by roads or public view. This means the children are extremely secure when they are playing in the playground or involved in outdoor learning.

Music and drama are a big part of their school life and we have facilities to allow the children to practice individually with their music tutors.

Sport is a strong part of Curriculum. We have a superb sport offer but travel offsite to fulfil this commitment. This allows us to access the very best instructors for your children.