Pupils are prepared very well for their next stage in education. In 2016, all pupils who were entered for the 11+ examinations passed and gained entry to selective schools of their choice, with some pupils gaining scholarships. - Ofsted October 2017

11+ to the right of school list (3)-minPreparing your child for their next school is a core part of our work at St Martin’s School. We offer impartial advice as to which school would fit your child given their attributes and ambitions. We will develop a clear plan with you and your child in order to ensure they are confident sitting exams and preparing for interview.

We aim to prepare the children for these exams by offering them an accelerated learning programme starting at EYFS. This gives them the confidence and clarity to tackle any test or exam, including the 11+.  In addition, the enriched and demanding Curriculum gives them much to discuss.

We offer classes on a Saturday leading up to the 11+ examinations to
further hone their knowledge and prepare them fully at this important time.  We do not charge for these extra workshops and classes.

Our Preparation Programme

We prepare the children for 11+ examinations by building on the vocabulary and key skills the children begin learning 11+ to the right of school list (2)-minfrom Nursey. We ensure that they have significant practice in verbal and non verbal reasoning beyond the programme of study we have already delivered. We have a whole school comprehension scheme and have put Literacy at the heart of the children’s learning. We have an abundance of experience to prepare pupils for entry at all independent senior schools and have a good knowledge of the content and layout of the variety of tests used by individual schools.

The Head Teacher conducts ‘mock’ interviews with the children to ensure that they are completely prepared and are able to answer any question in a mature, thoughtful and confident way.

Our pupils receive offers at their choice of secondary school in the vast majority of cases.  We are also proud of our record of scholarship offers.

Offers and / or scholarships were received at the following schools for entry in 2016

  • Aldenham School
  • Belmont School
  • Channing School
  • Francis Holland School
  • Haberdasher’s
  • Immanuel College
  • JCoss
  • JFS
  • Merchant Taylor’s
  • Mill Hill County
  • North Bridge House
  • North London Collegaite
  • Oak Heights
  • St Alban’s High School
  • St Helen’s School
  • St Margaret’s School
  • South Hampstead High School
  • Watford Grammar
  • Yavneh College