St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

Equality Statement

At St Martin’s we recognise and value the importance, wonder and power of diversity. We are proud of our multi-cultural community, which is why it is one of our core values. We take seriously and actively plan opportunities to address our responsibilities to: ensure positive attitudes of inclusion, value linguistic diversity, challenge stereotypes and raise awareness of inequalities within society. We undertake reasonable adjustments to ensure that all St Martin’s staff, parents, pupils and prospective pupils are: heard, valued, enabled to participate fully and able to reach their individual potential. We understand that direct and indirect discrimination might take place and therefore the need for positive and effective policies to be implemented. We are wholly committed to equal opportunities and avoiding all forms of discrimination, as laid out in the Equality Act 2010.

For further information please visit our policies page where you can find relevant policies including Accessibility, EAL, Equality and Diversity and SEND which give further information about how we address our commitment to equality.