St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

School Values

Our St Martin’s values were designed following conversations with children, parents and staff about what makes St Martin’s special to them. We have used the letters of our school name as the initial of each value we aspire to embody.

Our Values Tree


Members of the St Martin’s community consider the needs of others; taking time to put these needs before their own. We believe in democracy and charity, embedding these in our curriculum.

Team Players

We work together to ensure that everyone can be the best they can be in all learning and encourage each other positively.


We are a multi-cultural school that learns about, tolerates and celebrates a variety of religions, cultures and traditions from around the world with unequivocal respect for all.


As a Pre-prep Nursery and Prep School, we strive for the highest academic results for all our pupils as well as developing and celebrating achievements in all subject areas, hobbies and interests.


Members of the St Martin’s community are respectful of one another’s thoughts and opinions; we listen and discuss calmly with reasoned responses.


Learners, including adults, think deeply about new concepts; asking and answering questions using methodical approaches.


We learn strategies and approaches to become independent in our preparation, learning and development taking responsibility for our own actions and progress.


St Martin’s is renowned for its family atmosphere in which everyone is valued as an individual and the community, staff and pupils all support one another to feel safe and happy so that everyone can succeed.


For us, being spiritual means fully knowing yourself; your morals, beliefs and purpose. We invite all members of our community to consider these by questioning their own thoughts and listening to that of others.