St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.

How We Assess

At St Martin’s School we use a number of assessments systems to ensure that the children are progressing at the accelerated rate we have laid out for them. This also gives us the opportunity to close gaps in the children’s learning. Assessment also forms the basis of how we inform parents of progress.

Formative Assessment is undertaken by the teacher.  It is the basis of teaching and learning and of marking. It allows the teacher to give immediate feedback to the teacher. We use a system of WAC (Writing Assessment Criteria), MAC (Maths Assessment Criteria) and RAC (Reading Assessment Criteria) sheets to ensure that feedback is structured and tracked. It ensures that gaps in the children’s knowledge is targeted. We use this system to ensure that we deliver the accelerated learning we offer to pupils and parents.

Summative assessment is undertaken by the use of termly tests which are separate from the main role of the teacher as they are set by outside agencies. We use Rising Stars assessment papers once a term in all year groups.

We also seek external moderation of our progression of work by other senior staff from partnered teaching universities.