St Martin's School

An independent, co-educational preparatory school.


Welcome to FoSMS (Friends of St Martin’s School)

What is FoSMS?

A committee open to all parents, family and friends to discuss social and fundraising ideas for the school.

It’s that simple!

When does the FoSMS committee get together?

We know how busy everyone is so we try to only meet one or twice a term to discuss our activities and share ideas for future plans.  It’s very informal (but we do take notes and circulate them so others can see what we’re up to and get involved.) Usually meetings are held in the evening and we share the responsibility to host meetings and chat over a few drinks and nibbles.  It’s a great way to get to know others at school and really grasp what we’re about.  It’s very much the more the merrier!

Who can attend?

Anyone!  If you have a child attending the school then all are welcome!  Class Reps are asked to attend as well so they can also feedback to others what’s happening, but really the invitation is open to anyone…Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents too!!  The group works best when we have a plethora of ideas and likewise plenty of helping hands at the events.

What events/activities do you organise?

We like the firm favourites as well as experimenting with new ones.  We have organised Quiz Nights, a medical Q&A evening, parties for the kids at school as well as a big Christmas Party for the grown-ups!  The children and parents recently collaborated for ‘Safety Day;’ an informative workshop about internet and general safety.

How can I see what’s happening with FoSMS?

Please do give us your email address and we’ll add you to our circulation list.  You can of course get in touch with us directly by email on

We’re on Facebook too!  Visit us at: “Friends of St Martins FOSMS”