St Martin’s School appoints Prefects each year from Form 6 to undertake positions of responsibility. This allows the children to extend their experiences and provides them with opportunities which will support their application for senior school.

St Martin’s School Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times providing a positive role model for the students across the school.

For the Academic year 2016 to 2017 we are delighted to announce the Positions of Responsibility are held as follows –

Head Girl   Natasha Tarnofsky

As Head girl of St Martin’s, I am enjoying being at the top of the school. I started in Pre-School, shy and nervous, and I feel St Martin’s has greatly improved my confidence. I have been given many opportunities, such as being in all eight summer shows and, more recently, being a part of the Inter-School Science Quiz Team. I’ve also done things I never thought I’d do, such as learning Greek!

I started playing the piano in Form One and I have just taken Grade 4. Being able to start learning a musical instrument from a young age means that you have a head-start. There are many other instruments that you can learn to play at our school – including guitar, trumpet, flute, violin and drums. These are all instruments played in our school band – which I also enjoy being a part of. There is also a Musical Theatre teacher who has taught me to sing and perform songs from lots of musicals. This is my fourth year of singing with her.

I love the family feeling at our school and knowing everybody’s name. I remember in Pre-School having children from Forms five and six coming to look after us – and now it is my turn to do it. I like the way this means the younger children get a chance to know the older ones and vice versa.

Another great thing about St Martin’s is that every Monday and Friday the whole school gathers for an assembly. We also get together for weekly House Meetings, which I love, because you get to know other people in your House and have a buddy who is in a different year to you.

I have absolutely loved my time at St Martin’s. It has definitely been a journey to remember.

by Natasha Tarnofsky


Head Boy   Adam Glassman

Attending St Martin’s School is a family tradition in my family as my two older brothers also attended the school.

Following my middle brother’s footprints, I started in Nursey in 2010.  From the moment I walked in I knew I was going to be happy.  As it is a small school it is easy to get to know everyone and easy to find your way around when you are new.  Making friends was easy and more teacher attention was provided to each child, including me!  This has helped me to progress and will hopefully help me in the future too.  St Martin’s School is very caring and the teachers have been fantastic; they are always willing to listen and help.

I was very proud when I was recently made Head Boy.  This has given me extra responsibilities and has taught me to be a great role model and to be charitable.

Each year we have been on fun and interesting trips – from museums to theatres.  There are lots of after school activities and I’ve enjoyed many of them including computer club and Greek Mythology.  There is also football club and many others.

As well as my academic work, St Martin’s has taught me to always be kind and considerate.  I know this will help me in my future schooling years and life ahead.

by Adam Glassman


Widor House Captain Kirill Seaton
Mendelssohn House Captain Max Shaw
Elgar House Captain Koutaro Nomoto
School Council Executive Hannah Wilson
Sports Captain Jake Rock
Swimming Captain Chiara Ndoja
Charity Prefects Ishan Sankar and Arjun Majithia
Librarians Eli Shalom and Chiara Ndoja
Digital Leader Amelia Kay
Environmental Prefects Natasha Tarnofsky and Adam Glassman

School Council was set up in 2008 to give our children a voice – a platform for them to suggest ways in which they think school life can be improved.  School Council is made up of 2 children from each Form who meet up once every half term.  Their suggestions and ideas are presented to the Head Teacher who decides whether implementation is actioned.